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  • Listening to: Ancient Airs and Dances
  • Reading: MASH. An Army Surgeon in Korea.
  • Watching: Cops
  • Playing: Warbirds
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Coffee
What do you call a day of nasty weather, rain, and tornados, after five great days of warm blue skies?


I am going crazy to get some jumps in right now, but I can't seem to find a jumpable day. 

I have been spending time that I should be productive in, simply being tired, and doing nothing useful.

I need a change!
  • Listening to: Flightscape
  • Reading: Above All Else
  • Watching: Spartacus
  • Drinking: Juice
Lots has happened since my last entry.

After losing almost 25lbs, I have returned to skydiving.

I have also gotten back to playing with my airbrush.

Some things took a back seat, but they will be brought back soon.
  • Reading: Last Man on the Moon
  • Drinking: Coffee
A week from today the Okie-Tex Star Party begins.

I plan on being there!

I hope to get lots of pictures!
  • Eating: Breakfast
  • Drinking: Coffee
We had an F5 tornado visit our town.

I have had no power for five days, and no net until thirty minutes ago.

I plan to catch up soon and post some images of the devastation!
  • Listening to: Copeland Conducts Copeland
  • Reading: Astronomy
  • Watching: Cops
  • Eating: Onigiri
  • Drinking: Lemonade
Well, the star party had some weather issues, but I got a few images.

I might publish a couple more soon.
  • Listening to: Gettysburg
  • Reading: Bloom County
  • Watching: Combat!
  • Eating: Salad
  • Drinking: Lemonade
This has been a lazy, HOT summer.

Between the heat and wind, I have not done much astronomy.

I have also been recovering from a painful shoulder injury. Fortunately I am almost to the point where I will attempt to resume my weightlifting.

The recent rains have also improved my mood.

Okie-Tex is but weeks away. I am looking forward to some improved images.
  • Listening to: The Right Stuff
  • Reading: Islands of The Damned
  • Watching: The Tudors
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Lemonade
Spring is now in full swing.

The fields are lush and green!
  • Listening to: Symphony #9 By LVB
  • Reading: Ghosts of the Titanic.
  • Watching: Titanic
  • Eating: Talapia
  • Drinking: Lemonade
At about this local time(1140) RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg.

A hundred years later, much still is waiting to be discovered before the wreck disintegrates.

A long time ago I bought a chunk of coal salvaged from the wreck. It contains a tiny speck of rust.

I touched it just once, and re-bagged it.

Right now I touched it again and re-sealed it.

Just this last time then never again.

  • Listening to: The Right Stuff
  • Reading: The Pacific
  • Watching: Police Story
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Turkey Stew
  • Drinking: Lambrusco
So as Christmas Day was winding down, my wife decides to have a soak in her deep tub.

She is reading a good book by candle light and sipping a "Long Island Ice Tea" when Prince decides to jump up and get affectionate.

Circling the edge of the tub, as cats do he turns his behind over a candle.

My wife notices his butt igniting and pushes him into the tub.

He got a new nickname from the kids.

Prince Candle-butt.
  • Listening to: Star Trek TMP Soundtrack
  • Reading: Moon Lander. How We Developed The Apollo Lunar Mod
  • Watching: The First 48
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Donuts
  • Drinking: Coffee
It is now warm enough to have the clothes dryer stand down.

I really love how line dried laundry smells!
  • Listening to: Ilea's Theme
  • Reading: Philippi 42 BC. The death of the Roman Republic
  • Watching: The First 48
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Stew
  • Drinking: Lambrusco
So now spring is springing.

I am changing into shorts after work

I don't need to warm my wife's robe in the morning( "...I wish the kids were out so I wouldn't need to put on clothing.." she now says)

I can store the space heaters in the attic.

The cats now enjoy getting outside and don't have to be ejected in the morning.

My long sleeve shirts are being packed.

I can paint, and work on things in my garage/workshop.
I just wish it would rain already!
  • Listening to: Symphony #9-LVB
  • Reading: Astronomy
  • Watching: Sanjuro
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Drinking: Coffee
..of two major blizzards in as many weeks?
  • Listening to: Spider/Eagle
  • Reading: Legionary-The Roman Soldier's Unofficial Manual
  • Watching: The Tudors
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Waffles and eggs
  • Drinking: Coffee
Since last wednesday I have been fighting a nasty virus.

Yesterday I was coughing so hard that my airway started having spasms.

I ended up on the receiving end of the medical world.

By the time Connie got me home, I had been radiated, sprayed (marcaine), scoped, and filled with albuterol and prednisone.

Now I am breathing  better but every time I cough, my ribs deliver jolts of excruciating pain.

I hope I feel good enough for work tomorrow.
  • Listening to: Ancient Airs and Dances
  • Reading: Hayne's Owners Workshop Manual for the Apollo 11
  • Watching: Morning Departure
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: French toast
  • Drinking: Coffee
Please have a wonderful Christmas everyone!
  • Listening to: HMS Pinafore
  • Reading: The Fatal Shore
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Cinnamon Rolls
  • Drinking: Coffee
I got up early today.

I brewed a pot of coffee and baked some cinnamon rolls for my wife.

I am looking forward to a great day with my family.
  • Listening to: Bolero
  • Reading: A Forensic Analysis of the FBI Miami Firefight.
  • Playing: Rome-Total War
  • Eating: Steak and eggs
  • Drinking: Coffee
This week :

1. Frost on my  truck in the morning.

2. I wore a long sleeve shirt to work.

3. I needed a sweater.

4. I didn't put on shorts when I got home from work.

5. I activated the furnace.

6. I needed a blanket at night.

7. I started warming my wife's robe in the dryer before I woke her up in the morning.

I think the season has finally changed.
  • Listening to: Zeppelin
  • Reading: Shadow Divers
  • Watching: Emergency
  • Drinking: Lambrusco
I just returned from the Okie-Tex Star Party.  ;

I had a great week under some of the darkest skies I have ever seen.

I learned a lot of new stuff from some excellent astrophotographers.

Enjoy the images I will be posting.

Next year, they will be even better!

  • Listening to: Age of Conan
  • Reading: The San Quentin Story
  • Watching: Deadwood
  • Playing: Catch up on rest
  • Drinking: Sangria
Now on vacation until January fourth.

Nothing to do but rest and have fun for a couple of weeks.
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: The Reverse of the Medal
  • Watching: My home computer
  • Playing: Catch up
  • Drinking: Lambrusco
I just spent the week celebrating being married to my wife for 25 years!

We went to Las Vegas, where we had our belated honeymoon.

The place has really changed over the years.

The good news is that after two days of intense blackjack (and choking down clouds of cigarette smoke), I came out seventy bucks ahead.

Now I will try and catch up here.
  • Listening to: The cat purring
  • Watching: My home computer
  • Drinking: Lambrusco
Well, last night teased us with about an hour or two of black clear skies.

Without warning, the clouds moved in.

At least I can home with a handful of images.

It will take me a little while to get them posted.